Saturday, 24 September 2011

Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War

By: Karl Marlantes


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Matterhorn is simply a masterpiece. It follows the story of Liutenant Waino Mellas and his men of Bravo Company and it's   shattered core.The writer, Karl Marlantes, simply puts you in the jungle with all the fighting and the screaming going on and   in that way fils the book with action from the very beggining.Mellas is a really promising young Liutenant straight out of   college who never thought he was going to be part of a war which he knew so little about. Marlantes, a medal- decorated war   veteran himself, depicts the war in such detail you almost wished to be there. While reading Matterhorn you soon realize that   it is not just another war depiction, but rather the path of a boy to becoming a man and his spiritual growth. By reading   this, you get a glimpse in the darkest corners of war, politics and the military.

You can download "Matterhorn"  HERE.

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